Challenges that depend on luck are frustrating

I’ve been playing for 3 hours. I have 2 challenges aboout playing stockpile.
But as of now I’m yet to be put in 1 stockpile match, let alone 3 that I need for one of the challenges and I have no challenge swaps.
I’m calling it a day because it’s been really frustrating


If you are playing in quick play, you can leave as soon as the match starts without consequence. I’m sure this will be fixed later, because I am already seeing the quickplay games devolving into this. However, as of right now, you can leave a quickplay game if it isn’t the mode you need to complete challenges.

Also, pay close attention to if it says, “in pvp” in your challenge. If it doesn’t, you can complete the challenge in the bot lobby. If it does, buckle up because it is likely going to be a bumpy ride sometimes.

I feel you. Me and a teammate had challenges for zones, oddball, and CTF between us. Only got slayer games. It’s annoying.

Thanks for the heads up. Is it also possible to do it in BTB? If not I’m out of luck as stockpile is BTB only -.-

I’m not sure. I’m not a big BTB fan, so usually when I load in I just go feed the other team kills, or try to accomplish any other challenge I might have. I try to speed things along so I’m not in the mode for 30 minutes, essentially waiting to requeue.