Challenges should NOT be based on randomly chosen game types

The ultimate challenge this week is to get three wins in Ranked CTF. But since you can’t CHOOSE to play ranked CTF, you have to drudge through countless games of ranked slayer, oddball, or strongholds. I’ve now played fifteen ranked games in a row and only had ONE of them be CTF. And since I spawned with a crappy team, we lost terribly. It’s infuriating.

Challenges should not be based on game types that you cannot CHOOSE to play any time you want. Personally, I HATE the ranked games because I don’t like only spawning with BRs and not having radar. So I don’t want to play ranked games. I would play as many ranked CTF games as it took to beat the challenge, and then quit. But since I cannot guarantee that any ranked game I play will even BE a CTF game, it’s just not worth it. I will not complete the weekly challenge this week. So be it.

I’m really enjoying Infinite for the most part, and though I agree with some of the complaints and criticisms, overall I think it’s a solid and fun game. However, this is an issue that needs to be fixed ASAP.


In addition to what you and others have said here and in other threads, I have to say this is staggeringly shortsighted of 343 Industries. What on God’s green Earth possessed them to think putting casual players who are only interested in getting XP for paid or free goodies into ranked matches is a good idea? I truly sympathise with the players whose rankings may live or die by the efforts of a team farming points or trying to get a victory off the backs of good players, for a backdrop of all things.

I’m not a ranked player though a friend and I plan on doing Ranked at some stage. Whilst this is good motivation to make a start on that, it means we’re lumped in with all the numpties farming for challenges rather than playing objectives. And frankly, I’ve had a horrible time in the 10 trial matches I have to do; never in my life have I seen such poor play, and I’ve seen people purposefully avoiding the oddball and jumping into water for funsies.

If this is some kind of cynical scheme to fill up the ranked matches, it’s not going to work for long.


I’m also VERY frustrated trying to get the weekly challenge. I played all day yesterday and not one CTF match and so far today I haven’t even gotten one. On top of that, the matches I am getting are so extremely unbalanced it’s crazy. In my last match, on my team there was myself unranked, a diamond 4, a platinum 5, and a gold 6…the other team had 2 Onyx, a diamond 5, and a gold 6. How is that anywhere near balanced. It just makes the game no fun at all to play and extremely frustrating when all I need is to play CTF and it’s just not coming up in rotation.

I agree that they should not have ranked matches in the challenges and they should only give challenges that you can pick the matches that you need. The fact that I can’t pick CTF just makes this near impossible.


Idk who is making decisions but they need to make XP be based on the majority of XP being from kills/Assists/medals/objective plays/K-D and a lesser percentage being from Challenges OF WHICH. There. Should. Be. Dozens. Of. Challenges.

It’s like I wanna order a beer and I get my beer in a shot glass with a sippy cup top attached to it when I wanna order a Pint or a Pitcher for the table.

Like how hard is it to come up with a bunch of different challenges with variety instead of a few one an extra one locked behind a paywall.

Some Real Cheap$k8’s running this show up top.

There should be DOZENS of challenges to choose from with specific playlists like Oddball, Shotty snipers, Rockets, Doubles, Assault, Objective mix, etc not this piecemeal “let’s corral all our players into one big mix of gametypes” nonsense.

Even SplitGate got it right and has TONS of playlists.

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Idk how they don’t have Assault, Juggernaut, VIP, Territories , KOH, doubles, separate BTB slayer etc.

Couldn’t agree more. At best, this is a huge oversight and really dumb design decision by 343. At worst, this is a manipulative tactic to make you have to play more games in order to get that dopamine rush of a level up.

Honestly, it just bugs me how I CAN’T PLAY THE GAME MODES THAT I WANT TO PLAY!