Challenges should have no reward outside EXP attached to them

I do not enjoy fiesta mode, let me repeat this I do not enjoy this mode.

however the only free thing of any consequence is the weekly reward which despite making a huge deal of not having any FOMO in the battle pass you have shoved into the store and weekly challenge rewards.

I am a bloke in my mid life I have never screamed at the screen in years, I thought I was passed this, as I type out this topic I am literally filled with a seething rage that I have not experienced in decades. This game has officially broken me mentally by the way you have designed it.

I am now stuck on the get 5 killing sprees on fiesta I have rage quit so many times I am locked out for the day, I do not want this I do not want to play this challenge but the only way to get your FOMO locked weekly is the engage again and again and again and again AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN in your STUPID FIESTA MODE I am having break downs when “MATCH START” shouts only for the damn plama pistol and AR40 to show up for the tenth time while some guy with a sniper rifle kills me from across the map.

Please remove your stupid item reward from challenge I DO NOT WANT TO ENAGE WITH THE SYSTEM AT ALL PERIOD! I do not want it improved I want it gone or I want it to having nothing, nadda, ziltch attached to it so I can ignore it and slowly grind Big Team Battle for fun, the thing I want to do WHICH I FEEL LIKE I CANT BECAUSE I WANT TO GET ANYTHING OUT OF THIS GAME WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT!

I would say im sorry for the rant but im not because this game has made me so angry like im some sort of abused dog that wants to sit down and look out the window and enjoy himself barking at cars, but instead gets whipped and beaten by its master when it begs to be fed for the first time in 3 days.


For what it’s worth I empathise with you.

I semi-enjoyed Fiesta mode until I had to get the 5 killing sprees. The randomness was fun at times until I would spawn with a really poor weapon combo and I suppose it did result in me trying some weapons I wouldn’t normally make use of, I hated the number of times I got killed after wasting time painfully trying to pick up the right weapon from a pile.

With the 5 killing sprees I was really lucky that I managed to do it in 5 games, I didn’t get a 5 in one but somehow lucked 2 in another game.

I didn’t enjoy playing those 5 games as I felt pressured to perform rather than playing for fun, I got annoyed at other players both on the opposing team and my own team and I also occasionally employed some tactics I’m not proud of (camping around corners with shotguns or plasma swords rather than supporting my team in fights as one example).

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Bruh do you even want the armour coating lmao? Like have you seen it, do you want to wear it. Will you EVER use it?

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That question is irrelevant to so many people that it is a little scary. The level of FOMO some people get themselves wrapped up in can be unhealthy.

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I don’t want the coating, but I want the XP from the challenge because I can’t afford to drop hundreds on the battlepass to wear the armor I want to wear. Which is already screwy as it is, because some of the pieces I want to wear aren’t even in the game at the moment, and if the leaks are true I will have to pay for when they come to the store in god knows how long. Even if the leaks aren’t true, the progression system is very frustrating at the moment, seeming intentionally.

Even if you only do half the challenges you’ll unlock all the armour before the next season, I think I’m already level 25 and it’s been less than 2 weeks lol. It doesn’t expire either, not worth getting wound up about it.

Haven’t used any of the double xp or grants yet either.

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I’ll tell you now, imo it’s not worth the coating. I definitely get where you are coming from though. I feel like I haven’t gotten too mad at games except for dark souls 1 (sometimes), crash 4, dark souls 3, and now this. Oh yeah and destiny 2 pvp, that is the worst. But anyway, while I agree with you, you, me and many other people need to not even try with some of this stuff. Hope you feel better though.

Yeah, I know, I’m also about the same level in battlepass as you, but it’s one of my completionist pet peeves coming through getting me as frustrated with the challenge as I am. I think this may be the first time I have to bite the bullet of letting the completionist side of me down because good lord this challenge is frustrating.

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If you want it to be much easier play with a lower skilled player lol. You’ll be much better than everyone in the lobby then. I played with my one friend who is awful at Halo and I could get killing sprees with my eyes closed in those lobbies.

Kinda unfair ha, playing by myself it was insanely hard to get a killing spree ha.

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after several more hours I managed to secure it, despite what people are saying I think the colour scheme is pretty sick and I put it on my MK VII.

I am now able to play BTB although it keeps putting me on stockpile which is another issue (I want to play CTF) but my god I can actually enjoy the game again… dreading the 4 day timer rolling around again however.

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FOMO definitely isn’t healthy but I think most people will probably suffer from it to some degree or another.

Ultimately I blame the business that intentionally tries to exploit that fear.

Yes businesses either exist to make money or need to make money in order to achieve their actual purpose, but is trying to monetize people’s fears in a video game really ethical?

I mean I am using it because honestly I think it looks really cool, the silver flower detailing on the black cloth under armour and gold highlights on white make it look far better than whatever that 20$ bone white was a week ago.

I have no idea why the official image looks so bad, it looks so much better ingame.

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