Challenges not registering for Pulse Carbine

While playing Fiesta sometimes Pulse Carbine kills count for a 10 kill challenge and other times they don’t.

I cannot get my 10th kill to register for 10 Pulse Carbine kills even in quickplay, can someone clarify if 100% of the damage must be dealt with the Carbine because I have gotten multiple kills after getting to 9/10 and it refuses to accept any kills. If it cannot only be the final hit clarity in the challenge would be really nice this gun is complete garbage and its getting really frustrating.

I think it’ll count as long as you land the final blow.

Dunno on this one. But the best tip I can give for getting kills with Plasma Carbine is to aim down sight just over the enemy head, the homing effect will then home in on the enemy head greatly increasing damage.

It finally worked of course when I decided to record the game but even so I got multiple kills before that were definitely with the pulse carbine and were final blows and it wouldn’t count for the 10th kill. Thanks for the advice.