Challenges not even tracking for me

I have the challenges to kill enemies with the cindershot and heatwave in PvP. I have gotten multiple kills with both, and they’re still at 0/1. If you’re going to shove an awful progression system that you expect people to pay for, at least make sure it works properly before asking for that money.


Same here, I had done the challanges twice so i can get progress

Yeah, it’s really frustrating trying to get xp and not being able to because of bugged challenges.

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Heatwave challenge is broken. No way to fix either besides a challenge swap, another one thats broken is hmg kills

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I actually submitted a ticket to Halo Support about this issue. I just got a response and the issue has been logged. So at this point they know. If you have time, I’d recommend making a ticket for this issue as well.

I would post a link but I cant.

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