Challenges not counting

Anyone else having an issue getting challenges for the Pulse Carbine and/or the Cindershot to count?

For what ever reason these challenges are not progressing for me.

  • It Bears Repeating - Kill enemy Spartans with the Pulse Carbine in PvP 0/3
  • Ultra Tech - Kill an enemy Spartan with the Cindershot in PvP 0/1

I got 1 kill with the Cindershot and 2 with the Pulse Carbine and neither of the challenges progressed.


Same problem here with the Pulse Carbine challenge.

I have a challenge to kill an enemy with a fusion coil. I went into BTB and did just that, no progress towards it.

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Having issues with the Heatwave, even recorded 2 videos of me getting a kill with it

Yes, just got a triple kill with the cindershot (after not seeing one for 10+ matches) but none of them counted towards the challenge. How utterly frustrating!!!

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Same thing here, but as soon as I switched those challenges out… game began to count the new ones. I’d assume the challenges sometimes just decide not to register as complete.

Yup. I had the same issue with the commando. My kills with said Weapon were not being counted. I think I needed 20 kills with it, and it sat at 15 for so many matches, even though I got more than enough to progress that challenge.
This issue is a big issue especially since we have a challenge based progression system!

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Same thing! A need to kill 10 enemies with Cindershot and no mater how many i kill progress is not counting!!!
This is my last challenge to get this week Visor, and if i not get it i will never play this again! Progression system is bad but the fact that no-one in 343 will read this and nothing will bi fixed to the December 8 is worse.

I have a challenge to kill someone with the disrupter and I have done it multiple times in multiple games and none of it counted. Hope they are working on a fix.