Challenges need to progress even in mid game

I know this may cause people to have mixed opinions but I strongly feel that Challenges need to update midgame and progress midgame.

Too many times have I been halted in progress due to some connection issue, some bug which doesn’t progress my challenges or a combination of both.

that would be disastrous with people leaving as soon as they get their challenge done

Okay, but that was never a huge problem to begin with… even in MCC, you’ll get banned for leaving enough matches. Besides, once you leave you’re immediately replaced with a half decent bot, who just holds a spot for a player to join. It’s not that big of a sacrifice to make, considering poor internet connection could ruin an entire match worth of progress towards the battle pass, which is hard enough to progress already.

To add to that, BTB frequently adds players to ongoing matches.

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To be fair, I did love the challenge / achievement pop ups you’d get in ODST, they were great for tracking progress.

The challenge system is disastrous. I spent about 5 minutes camping in a corner in big team battle with the fusion coil. I was just waiting for an enemy to come by so I could ambush him and get a kill with a fusion coil to complete the challenge. After I got the kill I then played the game as normal. Unfortunately the game crashed shortly after that and I did not get credit for it. Guess so I’ll have to start camping again today.

I agree with the other part of your statement but this is flat wrong. The bots that replace you are the easiest ones and are just canon fodder - they are bad . Even the spartan ones aren’t that great as a replacement for a lot of people.

(in the bot training mode though, they fulfill their purpose very well)