Challenges need refinement, or we need to return to set vehicle spawns

I have been absolutely loving the game so far, the gameplay is phenomenal and only leaves me wanting the full release; however, the challenges for the battlepass are VERY difficult to complete not just because of obscurity, but because of not being able to find the objectives. For example, Destroy 3 enemy wraiths, is near impossible. We have no clue if the random vehicle drops will include the scorpion or the wraith, not to mention heavy vehicles ONLY drop when the game is nearly over. (I have a total of 45 seconds in the scorpion out of 18 hours played, a majority of which is BTB).

So my point being, if 343 wants to leave these challenges in the game, make it so I see these vehicles more often than just the last 2 minutes of a match. I realize 343 said something along the lines of “we want the battles to feel more epic as they progress.” but what they don’t realize is BTB is supposed to be epic from the start, not some variation of a 4v4 just with more people but the same amount of vehicles. Its like Halo 3s sandtrap, both sides started with 1 scorpion 2 warthogs 2 mongeese (lol) 1 elephant and a banshee or hornet and after that there was a wraith and chopper also near the middle. On 343s variation of BTB you start with 1 razorback, 1 warthog, and 2 mongeese, I’ve played 4v4s with more vehicles at spawn than that on the same game!

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