Challenges, Matchmaking, and Thoughts

So yes I suck at this game and have nerve damage so sorta biased. I really hate PVP, and enjoy fighting the bots. But my issue is the challenges, we are getting more and more into the battle pass and I have used all my swaps trying to get PVE challenges and always just end up with a board of PVP challenges.
Can you set it so every other swap challenge is good for PVP and PVE and not restricted to PVP only games this sorta kills it for me. My average is like 5kills to 15 deaths in PVP, and it is very frustrating to say the least and no fun at all.
There is also this issue where it says to use a certain weapon or game type, then you end up in map after map without the weapon or selected game type? Now I am an idiot and have not played with it but it looks like it goes into the custom game when I try to select a map so I just did not bother launching with a selected map playlist. Does this let me choose the maps and types?
Can we get a smarter matchmaking system? Like oh, this player needs this game type and weapon they need to be put with these players that also need it on the right map. Maybe even one that pairs you by your average k/d so you are not just getting spawn killed and insta killed by pro players?

Sometimes I overthink things and wonder if the devs purposely did this and gave the option to buy levels as an experiment to see if that is a valid way to frustrate and corner players to spend money without it looking like a pay to win.

PVE challenges stop after the first 4 or so. It’s only the easy ones that get PVE. Anything after that will be PVP.
There’s also a conspiracy that you’re less likely to get what you want when you have a challenges. Less likely to get oddball for an oddball challenge, less likely to get good teammates when you need wins etc.