Challenges just updates

It looks like we now have a fiesta. Finally a social game type!

does anyone know where to actually play fiesta, i can’t see it in the games list anywhere


Probably the event that will release in about 50mins. Have two challenges as well.

Looks like they screwed up again. “Let’s lock 2 challenges behind a Playlist that we won’t even make available.”

The event has been released. Im not seeing any new game types though.

Yeah, where can I play Fiesta? Quick play? Bot camp? BTB? Ranked?

Reviewing my 20 I got, none I see would directly benefit me by sabotaging my team.

Hoping it’s the same for everyone!!

it’s not under any of those as of yet mate

Seems pretty ridiculous we have a 6 day event and no event playlist to achieve that event

Likewise. Hopefully they’ll make an announcement today they removed some of the more outlandish challenges.

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I appreciate your confirmation as well.

And yes good point! It would be great if their announcement highlighted they understand that even after last week’s update - the challenges we got did not promote healthy player behavior in game.

It’s a little over-zealous - but I am very interested in having it communicated clearly from 343i what their intentions are, so we can know if they understand how to make the game the best it can be. Any silence or vague statements just cause issues in the community and trust in the developer in my opinion.

21 minutes, everyone. If you can’t find it, it’s because the event hasn’t started yet :]

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It is available to play now.

I just unlocked the Ultimate Challenge for the week (earn 5 Killing Sprees in Fiesta btw)

Overall I’d say these challenges were much better at promoting healthy player behavior compared to last week’s (both before and after the update.) I look forward and hope to see the trend continue next week.

The only roadblock I encountered was the last challenge I had was to play 3 games of Slayer in PvP, so I was at the mercy of RNG waiting for the gamemode to come up. Not that bad considering I still had 7 days to play 3 Slayer games, but I look forward to when specific playlists are added so we can make a focused effort on challenge requirements.

I also only swapped out one challenge (save 3 players from long range - or something to that effect.) After swapping I had to get 10 Shock Rifle kills - just in time for Fiesta haha.

Edit: A word of caution. It is literally Killing Sprees only - a Killing Frenzy will not count as 2 Killing Sprees.

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