Challenges in their current state are frustrating

I know I’m probably beating a dead horse here but I’ll try and keep it brief. One of the core appealing aspects on the lead up Halo Infinite is how it would respect a players time. And genuinely I do appreciate this with the easier to complete battle passes that would not disappear, which completely eliminates FOMO and has given some of my friends more time to catch up to my initial addiction of playing daily. Having challenges tied to the progression system is frustrating but it is one of the larger backend systems being worked on so I have nothing to add to that conversation.

My main issues lie with the current types of available challenges

  • Gametype based challenges
    Specifically ones that require one gamemode that can only be accessed within a pool of other gamemodes such Quick play (oddball, ctf, strongholds), BTB (stockpile, total control) and the new Tactical Ops.
    These challenges are fun to get you to try out modes you either don’t usually play and engage with said gamemode.
    However, if players only have a 3/14 chance to even play an oddball match for example, then it becomes incredibly disengaging. Actively encouraging quitting if the required gamemode is not found and therefore wasting time of both the player who wants to progress and the players still in the match that might need the win for their specific challenge.

  • Challenges based on external factors
    Having challenges based on enemy performance has a large impact on how players approach matches. Want to get a killing spree or multikill? Sure, that requires the player to focus and play well. Not achieving it is still fine as the sole responsibility lands on you, the player. Requiring the enemy to get a killing spree, then ending it or saving an allies’s life from far away changes the flow of the match, play well and you may never get the opportunity. It forces other players to either be in danger in first place or requires you to throw yourself at the enemy to force the situation to happen. Don’t get me wrong, these situations feel great when they happen during regular gameplay, but trying to make them in order to complete a challenge becomes a point of frustration.

In summary , challenges can and have been fun. Halo Reach and MCC are a perfect example of that by having challenges be a nice extra bonus / weekly incentive to play the game. And if progression system is going to be modified going forward then these challenges should aim to complement the online experience, not create bad habits in players that want their time playing to be respected.


Welcome back!

That was very well said. And as you already know, you aren’t alone in your frustrations.

All I wanted to do is log on and play the new Event Challenges so I can get the Lone Wolf emblem, but I’m forced into completing the normal challenges instead. It has made me play Infinite for way longer than I intended this weekend.


The fact remains is that the game simply doesn’t match the reward to the playing experience.

In most games it’s like this:
Play game = Get reward for playing
Play better = Better rewards for playing

In Infinite its:
Play game = Compensation reward (Xp for finishing a match lol)
Play game in a way the devs have decided you should play = Get small reward progress to an actual reward
Play game in a way the devs have decided + you need to rely on RNG and External Factors = Get reward

The way this is set up makes Infinite so unfun to play because you either play for fun and get nothing, or stress yourself out and get something, but not much, just a little something.

This is so, so wrong. Games should not be like this.