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I know people have been criticizing the xp system requiring challenges, I’m completely in agreement with how bad it is needing to do challenges. During this event, that has been made very clear. I want to unlock the stuff for the Tenrai Event, but it keeps giving me base challenges that don’t progress it forward, and I can’t complete the challenges it gives me unless I look for a specific game mode. This challenge system needs to be fixed because it’s making myself and others want to stop playing this game. As an old time Halo fan since the days of Halo CE, I am very disappointed in the most recent mainline game additions to the series.


Noah Benesch (Marketing Lead) said on his Twitter that your event challenges are capped each week of the event and will need to play each week the event comes back to finish the event pass.

So those of us with a free weekend due to the holidays can’t even grind out the entire pass so we don’t have to worry about missing any future event weekends? What the hell happened to their policy of avoiding all FOMO situations?


The issue is I haven’t been able to complete any of the event challenges since it isn’t giving them to me unfortunately.

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I think the bigger issue is that are still a lot of registration errors with the challenges. It took me 6 fiesta games to complete the “play 2 fiesta games” challenge for example.

Concerning FOMO; So far the event challenges seem very simple to fulfill so it only takes a couple of hours to get your progression in that week. Even more when you take the exp grants you get rewarded into account.

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Whoever came up with ALL of the progression/unlock/challenges systems must have been on crack, because no part of any of it is enjoyable or even reasonable.

I absolutely agree, all of this is making me really not want to even play at all. Feels like I won’t really get anywhere unless I treat Halo like a full-time job. That’s just not going to happen.