Challenges Do Impact Gameplay

Just throwing another topic of this out there just so 343 gets that the Challenge-only progression really needs to be reworked.

I do love the multiplayer currently. Its fun, it feels like a Halo game, and I just freakin’ love it. There’s maybe a bit of tweaking that needs to be done for certain vehicles (Banshee), weapons (Commando), some balancing issues on certain maps and modes (Highpower/Stockpile), and a few other bumps but otherwise I’m having a blast with the multiplayer.

The problem is the Challenges, as we know well at this point, and despite 343 saying they wanted to make them a bit more organic - Challenges you can complete by just playing the game -…that really hasn’t been the case and the whole system is set up so that people HAVE to act outside their norm considering its the only way for them to level up the BP and get cosmetics. And they have to complete them before the week is up if they want that weekly reward or to have their Challenge reset as they’re about to finish it, a span of time that can go really quick with real life obligations eating that up like the majority of us probably have to deal with.

For me, so far my Challenges have been pretty easy these past two weeks and I’ve enjoyed the more casual pace I’ve been able to take because of it. Save for one Challenge that wanted me to destroy 3 Wraith Tanks - something that I immediately used a Challenge Swap for -, I had managed to complete them fine and currently have my Ultimate Weekly done a couple days ago.

But I still had some that practically required me to act outside and even against my team at certain instances. There was one CTF one where I had to Return a number of flags. So what do I do when I see an enemy coming towards my flag? I let him have it. Then I kill him and return the flag. I had a Kong Challenge on top of that (killing 3 people with Fusion Coils) so to kill two birds with one stone I would camp at a corner of the flag at Fragmentation with a Fusion Coil ready to throw. Not really that bad as you can argue that I’m still playing the game with my focus on defense, but its a defense play that severely limits me to a position/weapon that favors the enemy touching and potentially making off with the flag if I F up the throw and get killed.

For a more egregious one there’s killing a number of players trying to Return their flag. I didn’t get it, someone else did, and their strategy to complete it is to grab the enemy flag and rather than try to score with it, they’ll toss it to the ground, hide in a corner with a power weapon, and wait.

Even if Challenges are not so severe, again just how they are REQUIRED and accompanied by additional pressure to get them completed by the end of the week, wanting those Triple Kills or even Killing Sprees will have you throwing yourself at death’s door to get them or leaving your team to die while you save yourself.

And getting Challenges that require you to play and win a specific game mode…take a look at your scoreboard in your next match and see if all those greyed out names of people who left the game did so because they lost connection and not cause they joined a game that didn’t have the mode they wanted. Playing with my brother last night in BTB, we played twenty games (I managed to level a full rank with the 50 daily XP, so twenty games) and half of them were Stockpile while the rest were mostly Total Control and Slayer with TWO being CTF games. That would be beyond frustrating if I had a Win CTF Matches Challenge.

We’ve suggested our fixes, number one being an additional way to progress the Battle Pass to the point where its required and at a rate where we don’t have to fixate so much on these Challenges to the point of not only crippling our enjoyment but how we play the game.

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In short for me in my opinion there are some challenges which are fun and easy but there are also some which makes me feel like im working on a game when a game is supposed to feel like entertainment not work, please dont confuse this with grinding which grinding is working your cheeks off for the “max prize” you can say not just a challenge which is just gonna give you like 150xp