Challenges compete with playing the objective and core gameplay


First off, the game plays amazingly. I love mechanics, visuals, and audio. It’s the best Halo Multiplayer I’ve played — previous favourite was Halo 2.

I think part of the Halo formula is that little bit of chaos that ensues when opportunities organically present themselves in multiplayer. I know that seems like a very vague thing to say since it it’s part of many other multiplayer games, but Halo just seems to strike the right balance between playing the objective and doing another activity that isn’t carrying the flag or throwing seeds into the base.

Challenges, however, seem to interfere with that balance.

After doing some of last week’s Challenges, and some of the ones this week, I’m really disappointed with how they affect the overall flow of a match, whether it be BTB or Ranked. Challenges that require me to focus on using a weapon or vehicle, or killing a specific vehicle / player will consequently remove my focus from playing the objective and partaking in the other opportunities that may organically present themselves throughout the match — that shouldn’t be how Halo is enjoyed.

I’m not going to sit here and complain about other parts of the battle pass. I agree with how the publisher and developer have entered the space and are competing with the other shooters out there.

Halo Infinite is going to occupy a lot of my gaming time going forward because everything about the core gameplay is excellent. However, if I’m going to have to sacrifice my enjoyment of the multiplayer by running off and doing Challenges—being a “distracted” player—then it begs the question of whether or not those cosmetics are worth my distraction and my money.

Probably not!

And a player who isn’t interested in your battle pass, isn’t going to generate revenue.

You guys have an excellent game here, and you have a fanbase who is reinvigorated after many years—some of us over a decade.

Please reconsider how these Challenges and / or Progression works. While Apex has a very similar challenge system (getting kills and downs with certain guns) it seems to fare better in their game because:

  1. Weekly challenges aren’t actually tied to that specific week, you can complete them later in the season.
  2. Cosmetics aren’t locked behind these specific challenges, just the overall XP towards the battle pass. That allows me to complete challenges that are a bit more suited to my playstyle or just outside of it.
  3. Halo is incredibly diverse compared to Apex in terms of how to approach a match. Almost all of the challenges in Apex will ultimately revolve around you getting kills and or using your character as they were designed. Whereas, in Halo, jumping into the driver seat of a warthog, or picking up a sniper is situational and based on location, game type, etc. Some of these challenges in Halo may go against playing the objective and incentivize the player to ignore taking advantage of other impactful opportunities in a match, sometimes in a way that puts his team at a disadvantage.

In short, it just doesn’t make sense in the context of this game, unless you’re purposefully deciding to have distracted players.

I can say without a doubt that some of my best experiences so far have been when my friends and I were playing the objective and working together as a team to get something done, not running around chasing challenges.

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I liked their suggestions.

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