Challenges as supplemental experience

While I initially enjoyed the use of challenges to earn XP in play, i now find them to take away from my enjoyment of the game. I played hard to get the event challenges done and now with the event progress cap I find the challenges get in the way of me enjoying the game. It feels like there are two choices as I play now. 1, do I want to play to get better at the match mode itself or, 2, do I game the system to get my challenges completed?

Either way has left me feeling frustrated. If I want to get better at the game there are no experience rewards for playing well, such as XP gained for capturing flags or getting double/triple kills. And if I play to the challenges I’m running circuits during a capture the flag event looking for weapon spawns I need and not meaningfully contributing to the game at hand.

Here’s my solution. Reward XP for achievements in each particular match. Reward flag captures in CTF, kill streaks in slayer, zone captures in Domination. Keep weekly/daily challenges up as difficult challenges but as a way to get supplemental XP. Let it be a cherry on top. Or a notch in progress to unlocking armor sets, but not as the primary means of battle pass progression.

If people want more xp, give them more xp.

I’ll be sad when I finish the battle pass in a month but if it satisfies many complaints then so be it.

I’m liking the challenges making in different ways, I just wish there were more to work towards or grindy ones such as 100 kills with X weapon. I’d happily try to kill people with a plasma pistol for a long challenge to get a cool skin for it. Before anyone kicks off I mean as a timeless challenge not a weekly one.

I’m past playing my hardest every game, I just want to mess around, try to win if possible but ultimately laugh and have fun. I save my tryhard pants for the ranked arena now.