Challenge's aren't working

So Heat in the moment (kill an Spartan with the Heatwave) and combo toss (headshot a Spartan straight after damaging them with a grenade) aren’t progressing for me. This really frustrated me because I wasn’t sure why after doing it so many times, though it seems other people are having similar issue


Also just did kill a spartan in pvp with ravager and no credit. did grapple shot an enemy and it turned in but didn’t clear the mission. still shows. that is if i go into the challenges as from main screen shows it all weird and where i left off yesterday in daily. todays daily i only see after matches.

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Yeah, and with how much of a drag the rank up system is, having two weekly challenge bugged really kill the fun

Yeah… spent 3 matches just trying to get pulse carbine kills, just to not have them register once I actually completed the challenge today. Still Beta I guess, but that $10 spent on the battle pass didn’t feel like a Beta.


That’s because it isn’t. Betas don’t have microtransactions. This was a play by 343 to avoid flack.

I’ve also got that Pulse Carbine mission, and after getting all three kills in a single quick play match it still didn’t trigger. And being a “beta” at this point isn’t an excuse. With three weeks till the official release this is highly likely the version that would have shipped on December 8th.

Yeah I only have three weekly challenges left and none of them will register.

one kill with the heatwave
3 kills with the pulse carbine
Headshot an enemy after hitting them with a grenade.

Done all of them multiple times and nothing. I tried them all in quickplay and BTB with no luck. It’s really annoying that I can’t start on the weekly capstone because of three bugged out challenges.

My Heat of the Moment and Ultra Tech challenges aren’t registering either. Super frustrating, especially since we might miss the weekly capstone because of it!

Yep, leave it to 343 to make a trash progression system and also make it buggy enough you can’t even progress as slowly as they intended