Challenges aren’t always working

I had a challenge for the chopper kills and I got 6 in one match and it gave me credit for 2 only

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I’ve noticed this too. Unlike most it seems I love the commando, but when i had kill 15 people with it it took forever since it seemed to only count 1/2 my kills.

Exactly, I mean it already takes a while to unlock anything but simply not working really makes it hard to go for them lol

It took me 12+ ghost killls for it to count 5. If anyone assisted with the kill it seems like it didnt count. Had to tell my friends to stop helping me and that seemed to solve the issue but I have no idea.

Wow I hope they don’t keep it that way

No idea if the assists were actually the issue but that’s the way it seemed. I would get 5 or six in a match (confirmed by the kill feed) and it only count 2