Challenges are TERRIBLE - they ruin the fun

Who in their right mind thought this was a good system?

Here’s a few reason from my head for why this is so terrible, aside from how obviously grinding and painfully slow progression is.

  1. How frustrating it is for your challenge to be “get a killing spree in Fiesta” when everyone spawns with a power weapon? It’s next to impossible. Especially if you’re not very good at the game. You might as well just not play.

  2. Challenges just honestly aren’t fun. Half the time they require something so specific that you can’t even get any progression for multiple rounds because you didn’t get the right game type or map with the right weapons.

  3. I honestly don’t know how anyone can’t complete all the weekly challenges without either playing Halo like a full-time job, or being insanely good. I put quite a few hours in last week and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t close. Not to mention I started getting challenges that were ridiculously difficult.

  4. As many others have said, it discourages playing the objective. I’m guilty of this. So focused on getting one stupid challenge that I’m basically ignoring the objective, which sucks if other people on my team need to win for their own challenge.

  5. The challenges being the only way to progress has sucked the fun out of playing. I love collecting cosmetics and items, but these challenges are so frustrating that I find myself just stressing out and getting frustrated. It’s sucking the fun out of an otherwise decent game and that’s a real shame.

  6. Adding special event challenges into the regular challenge pool has got to be the dumbest idea yet. As if we didn’t already have enough painful challenges to complete, 343 decides to throw more at us. Not only that, but they seem to show up randomly so you can’t even always progress in the event.

  7. Side note on progression and cosmetics - it’s very frustrating that the armor unlocks (especially things like armor and visor colors), only work on one specific armor core. Numerous times I’ve already unlocked something thinking “oh cool, that will look good with my armor” only to find out it’s ONLY for the other armor core. Disappointing.

Essentially, progression feels like a stressful -Yoink!- job and I really hate that.

PLEASE, please… do something about it.


Play the dam game then why you have to OBTAIN all the items if is being a torture for you.

Play and enjoy HALO. Stop caring so much about the battlepass you are acting as if the battlepass were the game itself

@CrAZYVIC333 Not gonna lie I can barely read what you’re saying here.

Also, did you even read anything I said? Clearly not. Collecting cosmetics is something that I enjoy. IT IS PART OF THE GAME, so why shouldn’t I be allowed to complain about it?

Get off the forums if you don’t want to see what parts of the game people are complaining about you -Yoink!- weirdo.

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Ah you expect perfect English in a video game forum, go off to college if you want good writing.

Real competitive PLAYERS are not interested in cosmetics or battlepass. We play to WIN and get a high rank. The NERDS are the ones who are worried about the “Little armors” “the little weapons” and the pretty colors.

Let’s see if you mature and start competing instead of wasting time on children’s things

I just finished 5 BTB games in a row where no one went for the objective. When I told them we were playing capture the flag, they said they were too busy with challenges… This does not encourage teamwork and is frustrating enough to make me stop playing for a while.

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@CrAZYVIC333 You for real need some help buddy. I dont give a -Yoink!- how YOU play your game. And just because that’s how YOU like to play, does not mean that that’s how EVERYONE likes to play. I really, honestly couldn’t care less about competitive, sweaty, players like you. The fact that you think I should is absolutely hilarious.

I hate to break it to you bud, but the world doesn’t revolve around your insignificant, little brain.

It’s funny you talk about maturity when you act like a 9-year-old.

Let’s not forget your MCC K/D is .181 :clown_face:

Do you even play Halo?


@Ricky_Bobby5149 Yeah I totally agree. It just detracts from the gameplay itself. They definitely need to change something.

I mean, people had a really positive response to MCC challenges so that is why they are here. Also, quite a few challenges now are just complete matches or win matches or return flags and capture zones, so that does encourage objective play. The fiesta killing spree challenge is kinda hard but I think that is the point

The improvements they’ve made have helped a little, I agree there. But there’s definitely still some that are way too specific. I think the MCC challenges are alright since they pretty much get completely through regular play without having to do anything crazy.

It took me ages to finish that fiesta killing spree final challenge, and I don’t think I could have without help from some friends.

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Yes, of course, I am the one who makes topics “crying” because the armor does not have beautiful colors, or because they did not put rabbit ears on the helmets, or because they do not let you put kitten tattoos on the suits.

The game has been 1 week since it came out “genius” and my only goal is to reach DIAMOND. In my secondary account I am already platinum and this account will go to diamond as well.

I do focus on playing and enjoying the game. I’m not wasting my time on cosmetics like I’m 5 years old.

Go keep wasting your time trying to kill 4 enemies with a grenade, or trying to do a quad kill with mele hits. Maybe by 2050 you will have finished the challenges

I honestly think the challenge system is technically fine as it is. Its the lack if xp for performance like we had in reach and mcc thats the problem! If i didnt need challenges to level up, id probably not get many done. As it is now, i keep having to typically play different than I typically would, though still enjoying my time with it.

Though so far i haven’t really encountered many that i couldn’t do, except when they just didnt track the first few days. Honestly trying to complete some of the achievements were more of a pain in the -Yoink!- than some of the challenges to me so far Especially the grqpplejack chivo.

Maybe im also not getting super annoying ones?

I actually agree the challenges are very inaccessible for newcomers or players who aren’t above average at the game. It took me a day to sift through all my challenges but it was incredibly annoying when your last challenge to unlock weekly is capture zones in pvp when all you get is ducking oddball and ctf in quick player or just slayer and stockpile in btb.

I have all my weeklies done but since completing my ult I have no reason to really play anymore because the bp progression system is garbage.

I dont know why they didn’t do what Apex did and also tie xp to in game performance. Average life multiplier, score multiplier, small kill multiplier, assist multiplier. Win multiplier MVP multiplier. Like what?

Why are you even still here? Shouldn’t you be getting your controller all sweaty right now?? You’re a real clown buddy.

I agree. I had to get 5 kill streaks in fiesta this week. That was just tons of fun :roll_eyes: