Challenges are somewhat easy?


Does anyone else think that the Monthly challenge ( that will soon be ending ) are somewhat too easy, I know this may sound pretty stupid towards some people but i think that the Monthly challenges seem…a little too easy to be called the almighty MMonthlychallenge, I mean C’mon 30 wins in Online Matchmaking!!! I’m sorry to say 343 but i completed that inOne and a Half Days And i wasn’t even completely addicted to this amazing game then, I mean 2 days to get a monthly challenge seems kind of stupid compared to the Bungie, Halo:Reach, Monthly Challenges Which you had to work your Butt of so hard to get.

I would like 343 to increase the level of difficulty of the Monthly Challenge because of the ease to complete them seemed too easy, We have a month to do this challenge so please make this challenge realllly looooonnnggg;)

~Rhys Aspinall~

If I’m not mistaken it has been the same challenge every month since the game came out… You can’t do something like “get 1000 kills?” Win 30 matches is a joke. I don’t have that much time to play and I still complete those challenges easily.

On a side note, your poll is confusing as to what you’re actually asking.

“Challenges”, sure :wink: