Challenges are not wort it

So I set a goal for myself to see if I can complete these weekly challenges and what I and many other people have already stated that the progression system sucks. 343 are gathering data based on our feedback which is good but what will make it better?

Since microtransactions are not going away any time soon because that’s how games make money nowadays. At this point I don’t blame game companies for doing this, I blame people who just fork over their hard earned cash to buy things because its easier to get customisations…

So with that in mind, I think the best way to have the progression system would be to have it be more appealing for all. Have it kinda work with two systems in place. The one we have now that 343 will not get rid of because that’s were the money is and the other to be like the one from halo reach’s leveling system that will have ranking stages.

The one we have now should be used to unlock customizations from compelteing challenges to get epic and legdary pieces. This would be better and more rewarding for you doing challenges and make you stand out as a player.

The second reach style progressing system would reward you with how well you did in any game mode and you would have ranks. In here you would have low to mid tier unlockables ( common and rare) that can be easily unlocked by playing the game and spending credits. You can only equip pieces by being a certain rank and have enough credits. This would be helpful for people to stand out more and not have the same looking spartans.

One thing id like to point out is that there are 30 different basic colours to pick from ever since Halo 3 and thats just the one colour. How many different choices would you have with 2 colour combinations. 435 choices to choose from. So ive always had green and white for example. How long would I have to play to unlock that combination Colour set. With the halo reach system it would be better to achieve this than relying on only challenges to achieve this!!

Challenges feel more like tasks than challenges. At the moment they’re not fun and they affect gameplay in a big way. No one wants to play the game modes as they should be intended to be played. People are too busy trying to get challenges done.

Even the chance to swap a challenge is done in a unbelievable stupid way. Its like a boost unlockable! So the only way you can swap out a challenge is to level up in the battle pass to get a challenge swap and the only way you can do this is to complete challenges. Most of us will be stuck at one point because the you would have one challenge left that seems impossible and you would be stuck with it until the next battle pass is out so that you can unlock another challenge swap. I mean face planting or what. So far I’ve got one challenge left. I skipped one that seemed impossible to do and more on luck. “Detect 3 enmies using the threat sensor…3 times” this was terrible. One I was lucky to do and there would be no other way to do it easily was to kill an enemy with the oddball 3 times. These tasks should be ok for like big rewards like epic or legendary stuff not like to unlock the colour metal purple…

Let me know what you think and what challenges you skipped or wish you could of skipped. Or if you have a better version of the progression system that can be easily incorporated by 343 as a gaming company for a better halo experience