Challenges are not registering

Hi, I tried to do some custom challenges today for the first time and I made 3 multiplayer challnges that were not registering my kills and medals. They were all to be done in 3 hours (medals kills and wins), and after 5 games or so I signed back online to see where I was on the challenges and I had got credit only from one game. The 2 firefight challenges I made worked for me though. Any help would be appreciated.

Well since the FF ones you created worked, that rules out using the wrong XBL credentials.

My guess is you forgot to select “Multiplayer Matchmaking” as the type of challenge. (You may have left it at CUSTOM).

It was not set to custom, I assure you. I actually just had made another 2 firefight challenges and after 3 games and 650 kills, only 217 kills registered for the kills challenge and only the medals of that game registered towards the other one. I had to play 2 additional games because I am not getting credited!