Challenges are destroying my enjoyment

I like to play for fun, and to grind. I don’t know how I did it in MCC, but I always seem to complete like 10 objectives in MCC when I’m not paying attention. Here in Infinite, I have to actually focus on the requirements.
Realizing that winning the game means nada, I can just grind. Then I realize, everyone else is doing the same thing.

Nobody is playing the game at this point, everyone is just grinding. And its killing the momentum. I already cant look at challenges in matches like MCC, players are doing challenges instead of playing the game, and many challenges are just ridiculous…

The progression is going to kill the game.


Nothing is more underwhelming than getting a challenge to do some oddly specific kill & have to practically forfeit winning the match to secure the challenge completion

This progression system promotes a negative experience for all involved.


That’s on you though bro, not everyone thinks like that or sabotages the team when they could just do it collaboratively to the goal.

It’s an active problem currently, people quitting games because they’re looking for a certain mode for their challenges & going AFK to farm the 50xp challenge

It’s not a issue you can brush off by saying only a few might think as such when the systems in place promote such behavior to persist.


People quit all the time in games, how do you know that’s the case? Quit ban actually discourages quitting as you’ll end up being banned longer than the game is to play out.

Personal experience, but I haven’t seen a single player AFK for more than a few seconds in 200 games. If players are AFK boosting they’ll do it in Bot Arena because it’s much faster.

Because people quit once the game mode is announced

Personal experiences differ, because one doesn’t see something in ther experience doesn’t mean such thing doesn’t exist.

I’m playing the game for the sake of playing the game and getting the challenges done at the same time. There’s no need to project your experience as everyone’s experience, it’s hyperbolic.

While there are several potential fixes for this (mode filter, more challenges at once, being able to see challenges that apply to the mode in game), the best thing to do is just play the darn game. Need AR kills? Dude just play QP as you would it’s not hard. Need flag carrier kills? Play defensively on CTF. Need to complete slayer matches? Just play the game. Do you play Halo for the gameplay experience or to satisfy an OCD itch?

I’m not ignoring the random nature of the weird roulette nature of the game mode selection, it’s a stupid way of artificially stretching out the progression system (with the inability to reconnect to Ranked matches, progression IS ABSOLUTELY NOT the biggest problem of this title by the way), but this hypersensitive focus on challenge completion is on the individual not the community. Take a step back and reorient yourself, approach challenge completion from a different angle. There are easier ways to tackle this, it’s barely day 2 of a week’s worth of weekly challenges after all.

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Have faith Spartan, I feel they will listen. Reworking will take time, yes it should have never been like this considering all of the other Battle Pass setups to be inspired by, however lets stay strong and either play this for years, or we say bye bye and hello something else.

There is so little I seen actually playing the game. If they are, its for their challenges.