Challenge the players by making their challenges dependent upon the skill of your opponents coupled with the lack of skill of your teammates

What a horrible, terrible idea for a challenge. This game just continues to prove that it is out of touch with the playerbase.


It’s a double edged sword honestly. People that are too good complain about the killjoys, people that struggle complain about the kill streaks. There just needs to be a happy medium that encourages good play, but not to an extreme that alienates one side or the other. Something like “Earn 15 double kills in Fiesta” would work.

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I feel like the kill steaks are fine though. At least that is pretty dependent upon your own level of skill. It’s a proper challenge for a player to overcome.

Making a “challenge” that is dependent upon the enemy team’s gameplay is pure luck. If you get matched against a bad team, theres nothing you can do except let the enemies kill you repeatedly (if you can even consistently find the same enemy to die to) and hope that your teammates dont snag the killjoy from you in the mean time. Its lunacy to make that a challenge. Requiring a killstreak isnt alienating. Its challenging. Requiring that your enemies get a killstreak and you be the one to end their killstreak is alienating. People are literally killing themselves in the game to accomplish it. Thats not a proper challenge. If you want to make a challenge like that, then dont attach it to an f-ing timer. At least make something that is that based upon lucky matchmaking a persistent thing so theres no pressure to accomplish it. This game is just busted in so many ways. I mean the ultimate reward isnt even worth the amount of stress that this “challenge” induces.

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Yup. It would be one thing if a player had an idea who was on a killing spree or not. Like if they had an over shield like glow to them. Outside of that it’s just pure luck which is garbage and antithetical to the definition of the word “challenge”

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Oh I’m not objecting to them. I’m saying that people complained about having to get 5 kill streaks on the previous Tenrai event because they were “too hard.” It’s one of those you can only try your best to please everyone scenarios.

If you ask me, people whining about a kill streak being too hard to get shouldnt be appeased in this context. We’re talking about challenges here. Theres nothing to suggest that they should be spoonfed to the community. They should at least be moderately challenging.

At the same time, a challenge meant to be completed by a player shouldnt solely rely on factors that are outside of a players control. Its possible that you could play every day for a week and never get into a game where an enemy player gets a killstreak. Its unlikely, but its still possible. That’s f-ing ridiculous to put up as a barrier for people to overcome.