Challenge system suggestions for 343

I’ve done all of the weekly challenges for this week and there are still almost 5 days left for the challenges reset. I’m suggesting either adding more weeklys (maybe with a reduced xp drop) after completing the ultimate challenge, adding actual daily challenges or after completing the weeklys boost the xp from the play any match challenge to keep up the incentive for playing after finishing the weeklys because having to play 20 matches to level up once on the battle pass is a slog


If this is the system they are going to stick with, then the ultimate challenge shouldn’t exist & instead it should be a constant flow of never-ending challenges, artificially halting progression is flawed design.


I 100% agree with my man here, i blast through weeklies in a 4-8hr stretch. Give us unlimited weeklies or add the previous scaling daily set up alongside the current one?


Why do you need the challenges?

Edit: let me clarify.
At the rate you go, you would finish the season pass well before the end of the season. There are still 150 days left in this season.

If You had more challenges, you finish faster. But then you will be complaining that there is nothing to do, we already see it with posts from people who bought their way to level 100.

Also, by adding more challenges people will be even more focused on competing those instead of playing objective game types properly… leading to more frustration to those who are trying to enjoy the game.

You finished the challenges, then just play the game for fun.

If you are just playing for the sake of unlocking virtual swagger that you won’t even use for the most part… it doesn’t look very healthy.

My goal is to unlock the ODST stuff on the BP. That’s why I bought the pass. Being held back way before the soft limit that Reach used to have just sucks. I used to grind firefight for days in a row and had fun the whole time. I finished all the weeklys on the first night they reset. About 5 hours of playing, I think? That’s not much gaming for a whole week’s worth of challenges.

Once I get the ODST stuff, I actually won’t care near as much about challenges or leveling outside of maybe if they add a global rank.

Out of curiosity, how many levels did you level up with all the challenges?

I used double XPs I got from the event and the BP, thankfully quite effectively as well, and I got about 10 levels, I think. Mayyyybe 8 worst case. So if I wasn’t using 2x, 4-5 levels?

I think my progress rate is based on how I worked at Mcc’s battle passes because I got the 1st one then never stayed up to date in the following ones so I’m kinda trying to prevent falling so far behind again.

On the topic of doing it just for the battle pass so I can look cool that’s not the case I just like the gratification of having thing completed and the challenges were pretty fun for me.

Its not about virtual swagger as you put it I really do enjoy the game a lot the challenges just make it easier to not really focus on my issues with the game by giving me something to focus on so I won’t get as annoyed when I get a mode I don’t want half a dozen times in a row.

Thanks for your insight by the way it’s always nice to see how the ways other people play the game

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They could add a general progression level, like the system from Halo Reach. That would give players something to work towards. I understand what you’re saying about being nothing to work towards when you complete the whole challenge, but by the looks of things that’ll happen anyways for a lot of us even if they don’t change anything. So if the lack of anything to progress towards for those that have completed the battle pass is truly an issue, then it’s an issue that needs tackling regardless of if they give us more challenges.

And honestly, the prospect of having nothing to work towards doesn’t sound that much different from where I’m at with no weeklies. The 50xp per match is hardly anything, and even that runs out. I don’t feel the solution to having nothing to progress towards if you complete the battle pass should be to make it so each week you stop progressing after 8 hours of challenges.


Not only do you have to play 20 matches to level up, they actually added a limit to how many Daily Challenges you can actually do! Absolutely ridiculous! I made a post about it if you’d like to check it out!


See, that’s what I don’t get. It’s a game, why do people feel that they need to work towards something?

What happened to just having fun and play the game regardless of unlocking something or having a number next to your name go up and eventually resetting.

Ranked matches should provide that sense of accomplished as you go up in rank.

This is just a question, I’m truly curious why people feel that.

Personally even if 343 changes stuff around to accommodate everyone, it won’t change the way I play the game and why I play… so if they end up doing it, that’s fine.

I’m just afraid that introducing even more challenges will end making objective games unplayable because players are focusing on the wrong thing.

Why do people keep trophy fish or deer? It’s just a human thing. We like to see that we’ve accomplished something, even if it’s just a hobby. Sure, we could have fun playing the game, but on top of that having something to show for, even if it’s just a silly little symbol next to our name is a nice bonus.


Well, I can’t speak for others, but it helps me from feeling burnt out when I play by myself if I have something to work towards. If I’m playing with friends I don’t have this problem. I get this with every game. Of course I play it to have fun, but the progress helps me keep playing.

I do have to ask though, if this is your attitude, then why would players completing the pass early be a problem at all? And if it’s not a problem, then what’s the problem with giving people more weeklies?

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Your Spartan represents you as the player. This stuff matters to people when you’re playing multiple matches online and you want to stand out. Some people only rock recruit because appearance doesn’t matter to them. Customization in Halo has been prevalent in the community as early as Halo 3 and it’s important to the fans, and to people who want their Spartan to simply look cool.

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I see. Its probably my bad experience with Destiny, but I would expect feeling burnt-out if there was a lot to do in little time.

I guess I wasn’t clear. It’s not a problem for me if people end their passes early, but from experience there are always those who rush these things and in a few days they will be complaining because there is nothing to do.

The only thing I might have a problem is the impact that the challenges have on how people play the game. Particularly the non slayer games where we see already that many players look like they just run around trying to get the kills to finish the challenges instead of playing the game mode… this ends up ruining the experience for everyone involved.

Edit: just wanted to add, that the best thing they could do would be to remove challenges and give small amounts of xp per medal (5xp, 10xp…). I have seen this idea thrown around the forums and I’m starting to agree.

Make medals for objective games more valuable (capture zones, deposit cell…) so that people will instead actually try to play the game mode and maybe everyone will be happy.

Those that play for the xp, will get their xp more consistently, those that play for fun will be more likely to actually have fun matches.

Keep challenges for seasonal events.

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