Challenge System knowingly ruining gameplay experience

This is planned FOMO. I can’t believe they went ahead and changed the format of how you earn gear unlocks. MCC was perfect. PLAY THE GAME HOW YOU WANT and earn points to unlock things. This past week, I am shutting my game off mid match because of how absurd this challenge/unlock system is. I’m Onyx in ranked and having to force myself to play Fiesta, or certain modes and on top of that, play it by only using “X” weapon, or “headshots” or “melee” or “pray to god the enemy is owning your team on a killing streak and you happen to kill them 5 times”. I don’t have that many hours in the day to grind out these ABSURD challenges, forcing me to play the game different and having a terrible time. Talk about FOMO.

Also the netcode/desync is awful. Mangler needs nerf.


When you get a free for all challenge and you don’t want to play free for all so you use a challenge swap and get another free for all challenge. Feelsbadman


That literally happened to me the other week but it was oddball. I really dislike FFA based challenges because not only are you playing the game differently in order to kill, but when everyone’s shooting at you or someone takes your kill, its just frustrating. These challenges really need to be rethought. There’s nothing keeping me coming back to play this game other than maybe FOMO on something I might like. No way I’m spending 7 bucks on a helmet. I’ll gladly pay 10$ for good battle pass like Fortnite or COD does it. But the way they have it now aint working.


Yeah but you can’t swap the ultimate challenge and often the ultimate challenge is something garbage like “get 3 killjoys”

This is definitely FOMO. They want people to spend money on the swaps. They want people to get addicted to playing the game a lot, and spending tons of money on the progression system.

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That’s hilarious because these challenge systems make me exit the game entirely mid match when I realize how absurd they can be. I make enough to afford what I want, but I will not spend $ on gear I don’t see the worth in it. To each their own.


Exactly how I feel. They could’ve just had an MCC type progression.
Just increase the grind factor and add in currency that can be bought and used to get items faster and boom. Good progression system for both the customer and the producer


I would also spend money to support this game if i thought the item was actually good and at a good price.

They really have to gain my trust back with this whole store thing ( amongst other things ), i think part of it may be due to lack of actual content because the game was rushed released before the holiday tbh.

I would buy an item that was like 10 bucks but went toward fixing servers or funding new ones !!! People would see me wearing this item like “hey this player actually cares about what’s important” - the gameplay experience!

Or let me buy an item to crowd fund a retro map release, like WARLOCK! And don’t have the item available after the maps release ever again. So people would know that i care about what really matters, and that i wanted to push the game forward. Everyone gets the map, but only a few get the legendary status.


Ya, although I have no idea how the transparency of your purchases goes into funding for in game content…But i agree the content is PRETTY dry post launch. Same maps are tiring. Same modes are tiring. The challenge system is not the opposite of fun.

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I also don’t know how they would implement a crowd funding item into the game either.

I’m just hoping people read this or maybe even 343 reads it, they take my ideas and build from them or change them or use parts of my ideas to make things better than they currently are.

Lots of us want 343 to succeed, that’s the real reason most of us are on these forums!

They won’t use any of our ideas, no matter if they are better than what they have now or not

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I’m not expecting things to change over night, MCC took forever to fix ( years ). but they did eventually make changes to the matchmaking and bullet registration in later patches, and a good progression system even later in the game. Which gives me hope that 343 does know what’s important ( from listening to the community ) and that things will get better … eventually.

Just gotta plant the seed now.

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Literally logged into waypoint for the first time in years just to complain about this, the killjoy ultimate. Worst weekly ever, basically chance based and playing well makes it harder!?!? total BS. Whoever at 343 thought it was a good idea is an idiot. takes only a couple matches to realise “Oh crap this is pretty broken”. There are a number of threads about it and ima be posting on them all. This is actually my first whinge to 343.

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Totally agree. I REALLY REALLY HATE the challenge system. Just let me play the game instead of trying to get the absurd and frustrating challenges.

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I haven’t even bought the Campaign yet cause the FOMO is making me spend all my free time trying to get for example Stalker Rifle kills in Fiesta which also cause me to try and die more often.

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I don’t think they realize that people spend more time in a game when they enjoy the game. With the servers, desync, cosmetic system…the challenge system is just the icing on the cake keeping me (and probably others) from actively playing. It was so easy to hop onto MCC and play matches, do well, and get rewarded for simply playing the game how you wanted to play.

This aint it chief. And I feel no pull from the game to come back and grind through a challenge system that’s forcing me to play a certain way.

It’s the reason I’m not getting the reward this week. I had to play Fiesta all week, a mode I hate, because of the event. I’m not playing several more hours to, hopefully, get three killjoys. 343 said in an interview last year that there wouldn’t be FOMO, and they literally had FOMO in the first week or release. They just lied to us, plain and simple.