Challenge system fix - recommendations

I, like many others, have been thinking about this challenge system a lot in the last couple of days. I’ve made posts complaining about it and I’ve gone through all 7 stages of grief. But after thinking about it I think that there are a couple of easy fixes to the system that is in place that would make it feel immediately better.

First and foremost, daily challenges should not scale up with time. It should give you the same “play any PvP matches” as always but only require 1 game. That would keep the current system in place but also make it feel much more rewarding.

As for weeklies, I think that they are fine as is. The only change that I would make is to make the “ultimate” final challenge available from the get go. For me this week, that is to play 15 PvP matches. That is a lot of games. I don’t know if there are more/different challenges for this “ultimate” one, but that is a lot of games. It has taken me ~10 hours to even get to this point, and that’s with me 100% focusing on getting those weeklies done ASAP. 15 games is probably 4-5 hours more, meaning that the visor reward is going to end up costing me ~15 hours. That is insane. If from the get go we can have that goal in mind, I think that it would be appropriate and give me a tangible reward to work towards.


4-5 hours for 15 games?

Even at 10 minutes a game, that is only 2.5 hours. And a lot of games are MUCH faster than 10 minutes.

Also, them asking 15 hours a week is not insane. 15 hours a week is actually about what I would expect from a weekly grind perspective of completing challenges. The game hasn’t even been out 2 days yet.

That isn’t to say I don’t disagree here. There should be new challenges for the weekly. I think they talked about one being like 15 headshot kills. That one isn’t too bad, honestly.

15 hours a week is insane. Most people cannot commit to that and these rewards should not be exclusive to the “ultra dedicated.” Maybe it’s just because most of my play time has been in BTB, but I’m averaging probably 3 or 4 games an hour.

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I just think gametype specific challenges need to go. Nothing halts progression than having a bunch of objective challenges that just don’t pop up in rotation, or the conditions are so specific that it makes it unenjoyable to play.

Right now my last weekly challenge is to kill 10 flag carriers… I’ve spent majority of the morning quitting out of matches because they weren’t the gametype I need, or camping spawn waiting for someone to steal the flag.

The challenges just do not contribute to the natural flow of the game or generate any fun.


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Out of curiosity, is that your “ultimate” weekly or your last one before that?

It’s my last weekly challenge, I fully expect the capstone to be something equally infuriating if not worse. like to kill 60 enemy Spartans in PVP from the passenger seat of the warthog

I wanna add that the weekly challenges are not fine. Killing a wraith when one spawns every dozen matches in BTB is not fine, there are 24 players so the odds of any one person getting the kill are incredibly slim. Neither is it reasonable to have challenges that require absurd tricks like splattering someone with the repulsor or knocking them off the map with it. Multiple times. For one challenge.

There are also several that are bugged and do not progress apparently which is just plane broken.

Challenges should be things that reward playtime and skill, but not force you to play in a certain way or certain gamemodes. At least if a challenge asks you to get a killing frenzy or an overkill you can attempt it every game, unlike a lot of the current weeklys.

They are fine if they aren’t the only method of progressing through the BP. That’s why they need to fix dailies to be per game.

I agree. And part of the reason I didn’t mind the challenge system as much in the tech preview was precisely because we could swap out any challenge we like. Get a challenge that doesn’t match your playstyle or won’t occur often, change it. I understand they might not go back to the swap whenever you like, but if we could swap more frequently, like maybe after each match or something, then I think the rarer challenges might not be as big an issue.

Also, maybe not all challenges should be 200 xp. Given what you said about the Wraith Challenge maybe it should have been worth 500+. It’d still take forever to get, but that way when you did, it’d feel more worthwhile. Right how it’s worth the same as assassinating someone. Which isn’t really fair imo.

IDK ultimately what they should do, but the current system definitely needs some work.

Maybe also add a small amount of XP for completing objectives. Even if it were only like 5 XP per kill in Slayer, psychologically it gives players an incentive to complete the objectives instead of being incentivized to track down a commando to get a kill on Capture the Flag.

They need to be more reasonable in the context of the current playlist setup. For example, getting a bulltrue is difficult, but it’s even more difficult when a map with a sword only shows up 1/5 times.

This affects 2XP as well. Who knows when to actually use these things given how the maps are randomly assigned? I don’t know if I’ll get a map that will have the conditions I need to complete the challnege!