Challenge System Changes

Okay, since the most recent update to Halo infinite the challenge system has once again been adjusted to try and better fit the current playlist and game options available to play. While I was having some issues with the second iteration of the challenge system I have to say this new third version is far worse. The easy progression for just completing matches you get for every game is far better, but the hyper focus on playlist specific challenges is far too much. I currently have several challenges that will force me to play ranked if I wish to progress at any speed other than an absolute snails pace. I do not like ranked, never have, never will. I’m not a hyper competitive tryhard sweat bro. I do not enjoy games we’re having to play perfectly is the objective. That’s not fun. So why is it that to progress through the battle pass I am being forced to play something I do not wish to play. I even went as far as using several challenge swaps ( which I hate) to try and remove one of these challenges. It was instead replaced by several far worse ranked playlist challenges. I feel cheated and alienated for having used them and still being forced to play something I don’t want to play.

343i this is not how you do challenges. They need to be broad spectrum challenges that for the most part cover all the things you might or will do in the game modes that these playlists offer and not be playlist specific. And if you’re going to make playlist specific + game type specific challenges then for the love of God put in a freaking option to select what type of game type you want to play because being forced to win two ranked Slayer matches and getting oddball three times in a row is one of the most infuriating moments I’ve had thus far. With the current systems iteration I will not be playing very much multiplayer because I’m not going to be playing ranked which is all I have challenges for. I’m just going to put here the exact sentence I said upon seeing this. “I am sorry 343i, but you can go f right off.”

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Join the club, I used ten swaps trying to avoid ranked and now I’m out of ten whole Challenge Swaps and unable to gain weekly they have locked behind ranked mode.


Simple fix is to just get rid of XP for Progression, use XP for something else.

Do it like this:
7 Generic Weeklies
7 Ranked Weeklies
Each Challenge gives 1 Token.
Weekly Reward costs 4 Tokens.

Total Tokens per week if you do everything : 14
If you ignore Ranked Weeklies : 7

Then spend your Tokens as you wish.
You can either spend all your Tokens to progress Season Pass, or spend some to get Weekly Reward.
Oh you want more Tokens and only play unranked? Well play ranked if you want those 7 extra tokens.
Oh you finished your Season Pass? Time to save up those Tokens for next Season.

While I can’t say this sounds like a bad system, I can say it feels a little overcomplicated and still would encourage/force people to play something they don’t want to. I would be far more inclined to play more if the challenges were more broad spectrum and not so playlist focused. With challenges that require you to play specific playlists I’m never going to be happy with those challenges. Even if the challenges are for playing the fiesta playlist, which is my favorite. Because there are people that hate fiesta and would not be happy with those challenges and thus would be in the same boat as I am now.

If they made a challenge and point system similar to that of Master Chief collection then that would probably work so much better. Heck they could just tie credits to challenges so you could get things that are paywall blocked. Which, you know kind of covers everything in the game other than a few not so great coatings, emblems and name plates from the campaign. But that is a discussion to be tabled for a different topic.

Unfortunately you need some way to get people to play playlists, or your game will be unpopulated.

Yeah that’s what the seasons are for. Adding new content for people to play and earn. People play what they want to play. Not that many will cross over to playlists they have absolutely no interest in. Like how I have no interest in pro settings. So with ranked currently set to the same as pro, I will not be participating.