Challenge System Actively Promotes Quitting Matches

All the battle pass and predatory monetization stuff aside - the challenge system is actively promoting quitting matches and leading to a horrible user experience.

I was down to my final weekly challenge yesterday which is amazing by itself given how little I actually get to play the game, and I went into Sunday needing one more win in total control BTB. Easy enough, right? Nope. This next statement is not hyperbolic, it is literal. I spent FIVE HOURS searching BTB matches and got only TWO total control matches over a 5 hour span. The first total control game played yesterday was a total stomp against my team (I solo queue’d). I kid you not, HOURS of getting Stockpile (which needs it’s own thread because that game desperately needs tweaks) and TDM left me absolutely broken by the gameplay loop. I hate doing this, and know you can eventually get banned from MP from quitting out, but I started leaving the beginning of every match that wasn’t total control. After nearly one hour of starting a map, quitting, contemplating life, finally grouping up with some friends who were determined to help me get one more total control map. I kid you not it became a meme with us how many times we had to “GATHER THE SEEEEEEEEDS!”" After getting so frustrated, we started quitting out of every game until we finally got into a total control map that my team went on to… tie. No challenge progression, no fun along the way.

How un-bleeping-satisfying. I turned my system off, and said F it to the weekly.

I understand it is a beta for now, but these challenges are so stupid. Bring back the Reach progression and challenge system please or something similar. For the love of god drop the ability to chose what we are signing up to play. I will be staying as far away from BTB as I can for a good while after this experience.

Oh, and some of these maps and modes are so heavily weighted to a single side of the map. I found vehicle and weapon spawns to be super annoying - felt like one half of the map had more BR’s than the other half and other things like that.

Scorpion tanks don’t typically spawn until the last 40 seconds of a match IN OVERTIME if they ever come in at all. Banshees are very weak compared to wasps as well. Warthogs don’t take enough damage from stuck grenades either.

Sorry for the soapbox, I still am so satisfied with how this game plays, but fear this game will burn so many people out by the things that everyone else is pointing out. I don’t want this game to die before it has a chance to live.

(BTW, I burned through my swaps getting rid of bugged challenges prior to 343 dropping the update to fixing).


I feel you. My last challenge is to return 10 flags, which can be done over time, if I could only get a CTF game to spawn. Played through slayer, odd ball, capturing zones, one single flag CTF… then I get banned for leaving some games trying to get a CTF, like it is my fault the game is actively avoiding the one mode I need to wrap up the weekly challenges. Not to mention this week was shortened when the challenges were reset. By all means, make the weekly challenge impossible by never loading the prerequisite.