Challenge Swaps Should Be Unlimited

Challenge swaps should be unlimited until and only until at minimum, ALL challenges work/register for ALL platforms. Simple as that. FFA challenges not registering , BTB games people cant even load, pvp in for some challenges count for some playlists not the others and the best part, not being able to swap a challenge you cant even do, due to whatever issues are going on.


Until FFA and BTB are fixed they really shouldn’t be charging for them. That and the stupid event challenges. I completed it days ago and challenges for it still clutter my list.

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I think having a daily login bonus which is 1 challenge swap would be a cool idea. Gets people to sign in regularly and you can stockpile. Those that play the game more (and are actively keeping the game live and healthy) get little rewards.

Splitgate had a nice concept where you got rewards every day you play of the week. If you played all 7 days you’d get a small credits bonus or something. It’s a good incentive to get players logging on. Even getting people to jump on for 1-2 games a day helps the game in the long run.

In the first few weeks I used no challenge skips at all, but as the weeks have gone on I’ve been having less time to play so I’ve had to skip ones I think will take me a while like 3 CTF wins and replace them with something quick like 5 headshots. Generally I’ve been playing about 5 hours per week which is enough to do the weekly challenges for me provided I eliminate all RNG challenges and replace them with ones I can achieve through normal play.


I think that’s a great idea. It’s not totally unprecedented in Halo either, as Halo 5 had daily login bonuses. It would also strike a nice balanced between totally unlimited and what we have now. To use a decent amount of swaps each week, you’d have to log on everyday.


Gears 5 has or used to have a nice system where your first swap was free, then 10, 20, 30, 40 credits, capping you at 40.

Don’t remember the conversation ratio, but having a single free one every 24 hours was nice.

I totally agree about having a challenge swap as a login bonus. Having free passes capped to the BP really exacerbates a problem (progression mainly through challenges) that 343 is intentionally trying to sell a solution to (challenge swaps for annoying or undesired challenges).

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