Challenge Swaps and how to fix them

Most people are complaining about how many challenge swaps are in the events and battle pass. The issue I see is that after you are finished with the battle pass, the source of challenge swaps is gone especially with the rework of the event rewards.

The weekly challenges take a bit of time to get through and sometimes certain challenges just are not going to happen. I will likely run out of swaps next week or the week after and am done with the pass so what then? I am not going to purchase them.

One solution would be giving out a certain amount each week. Food for thought with more and more people maxing out their passes. Another idea would be for levels of the passes to be a package with the cosmetic related item as well as swaps and/or exp boosts.


Yeah, it is a little annoying now that there is no way to earn them. I’ve thought about the idea of letting us complete the pass again, just for stuff like swaps and XP boosts, but I think a weekly drop would probably be better.

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I brought this up in a post about getting stuff after level 100 in the Battle Pass. I think we should get XP Boosts, Challenge Swaps, and Credits for each level after 100 in the Battle Pass throughout the current season.


Challenge swapping should just be free.

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Dude just go to circle k and buy two rockstar energy drinks. Enter your phone number and get a code for 5 challenge swaps +4 from the can tabs +2 hours of double xp. Tap “generate code” twice on the mobile site and get 2 way point codes for every 1 rockstar code entered (you’re welcome). That’s 14 challenge swaps and 4 hours double xp for $3.38 and you can sell the drinks in collector sets on eBay or give them away on your nextdoor app and be a good neighbor. just spin the tabs off without opening the drink. You have until the end of the month to stockpile. You will find that it’s absurdly easy to level up the battle pass when you set up 4-10 challenges that you can easily do in an hour combined with the daily 300/200/100 you get just for playing every day.