Challenge Swap Heads Up For Those Who Conpleted The Pass

If you beat the Battlepass, don’t forget, there’s no more challenge swaps without buying them, so just be selective with what you’re swapping, especially since this is going to be a 6 month long pass. Gotta be frugal in thes trying times.


You can also just go buy a bunch of rockstars. Each one gives a challenge swap lol.

Oh Jesus. That makes the Rockstar route cheaper then the actual bundle in store…

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I’d rather not buy energy drinks XD But I guess it’s alright for the players who already buy them.


Too bad they arent on bud light cans. I dont use caffeine

I bought 36 of them :rofl: trying to win that jeep

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Tempted to comment on your choice of booze XD To each their own.

Trust me you dont wanna know what I really drink: Natural Light, Old English, etc. Bud Light is the most socially acceptable thing I could think of

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