Challenge swap design & imo foolproof hotfix

Challenge swaps should be granted organically and not be a core of the battle pass.

My solution to hotfix the bad state is to grant a free challenge swap daily.
It improves player retention and makes space to replace and add the missing 80% of reach armor pieces in the horrifying battle pass “jungle”.

See the following image for an overview of stated “jungle”:
https ://i .redd .it/es1umajzkyz71 .png
(Image by u/Nevermore514 on reddit in r/halo)

…forums didnt let me upload the image

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They should do it like Gears does it, you get a free swap a day (given this uses weekly challenges they could give us 2 or 3 a week)

Yea I wouldn’t mind a free swap a day.
343 could even make it a swap without consumable feature if they are afraid of people “hogging” swaps.

At least a free swap a day will let us slowly push out unwanted Challenges over the week.
Good suggestion.