Challenge progression

Challenge progress especially when it comes to this current event in infinite make no sense.
I played well over 15 matches before i got my daily “play match” challenge.
Doesn’t seem worth having only 1 daily and 5 weekly just to block people from being able to complete the event if they do not progress through the other challenges first.
For a free multiplayer the challenges for the free event rewards should just be open and be able to completed right away i shouldn’t have to roll or wait till i complete other challenges it seems pointless to buy the battle pass to get one extra slot for a free event.
Nonetheless the fact that they don’t actually unlock until much after the fact that they have been completed.
Hope Devs are actually reading these and realizing this is not the way to handle a free multiplayer. Weekly challenges i get but this is not it. Very off putting for tose that want to grind the event and still don’t get to unlock it due to other challenges filling that spot making it far more frustrating than it should be to get a free item