Challenge not working as intended (24.08.2011)?

The challenge “Not as Clumsy or Random…” doesn’t appear to work like intended. It says, “Earn 5 kills with precision weapons in a multiplayer Matchmaking game.” And “a multiplayer MM game” means that you have to get all five kills in a single game. Yet this doesn’t seem to be required.

Just played a match of Team Slayer on Sword Base and got only two kills with precision weapons, but after the game it said 2/5. Same on and also Halo Waypoint.

Not that I’m complaining, though. It makes that challenge easier than it already is. Just wanted to let 343i know. =)

Yeah, I noticed that when I did it. Works for me, I had a crap game and was kinda miffed about it but then noticed the progress carried over and was like “oh, sweet”.

Yeah, same here. Everyone is now -Yoink!- the DMR, NR and sniper rifle. The only precision weapon I could get my hands on for the whole game was a half-empty DMR with no extra ammo.

And I find this challenge very good. I’m hoping that it makes more people vote for Slayer DMR or Slayer Pro today. =)

Easiest way to get that challenge done is SWAT. One match and it’s done!!