Certain Visors not unlocking?

Hi, I just want to ask for some info on something, I currently have the commendations Assistant (master and Splatter Master (I think anyway) and the Verdant and sunspot visors aren’t unlocking for me. Has anyone else had this problem? and if so, could someone help me with anything I may have done wrong?

On my commendation list, for assistant, it says: Assistant - Master [4/5] and currently says 4/1000. And for Splatter it says: Splatter - Master [4/5] and currently has 2/75. Do the commendations need to go to the next rank up after that? or should those visors have unlocked already for me? Thanks for any help.

Is no one able to help on this? Any at all would be greatly appreciated!

Sorry I didn’t see the thread earlier.

The answer is simple actually. You have to actually complete the Master level challenge. You don’t have to REACH master level, you have to finish it.

As soon as you max those challenges you’ll be rocking your new visors! Good luck!

Master 4/5, for example, means you are currently in the process of completing the Master rank of that challenge IIRC. The challenges display the name of the level you’re currently attempting to clear.

You need to get those 75 splatters for the verdant visor, same for the assists I’m pretty sure.

Thank you for clearing that up for me. I suppose I better get myself to a ghost then :smiley:

yes you have to max it out, you have to become a >master< in that field to get the reward