Cephalon Needs YOU!

Welcome to the Cephalon Corporation…

Greetings, user! I welcome you to the central mainframe for Cephalon, the premier supplier of clan bases and corporate mercenaries in the clan world of Halo 5: Guardians. Here at the Cephalon Corporation - or Ceph, as it is sometimes called - our elite architects create elegant and functional maps, while our private military forces secure the company’s supremacy in the clan community. Our clan offers multiple specialized divisions for you to enlist in, as well as numerous activities to participate in, such as raids, trainings, group forging and game nights. However, we are a very select and clandestine group of disciplined soldiers, talented forgers and gifted media artists; if you want to join and find a position at Cephalon, you must be both intelligent and loyal. If you or a friend would like to become a member of the Cephalon Corporation, please contact our Chairman, CmdrMelander II, and he will message you as soon as possible.

We’re growing by the day. If you’d like to join us, go ahead and let us know!