Center the reticle already!

Can somebody please tell me why the reticle post Halo CE has sunk to the bottom of the screen?

Halo CE, reticle is perfectly censored.

Halo 2, reticle not so centered.

Halo 3, reticle, what are you doing down there?


Halo 4, reticle, get the hell back up here!

Ever wondered why CE feels so smooth? This is one of the reasons why. You didn’t constantly have to scrape upwards to shoot things. Having the reticle on the lower half of the screen makes it feel very awkward and stiff.

Why is the reticle so low? Is it because Master Chief is taller than mostly everything else, and the developers think we don’t know how to aim down? One, that was no problem in CE, two, if this is the reason, it is completely pointless, and even detrimental to Multiplayer since everyone is exactly the same height.

Can we PLEASE throw the reticle a floaty, and get it back to the center, PLEASE?

Holy -Yoink-, I never noticed this. You are right…plus, in every other current game, the reticule is perfectly centered as well.

BS Angel, can you comment on this?