Censorship on Waypoint

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Keep censoring people, keep antagonizing your fans, please. Chop your nose to spite your face, 343 is a house of idiots lol.

There was another user on here asking for female representation (In 2022?! Gasp! The horror!) and every post was censored. I guess in 343’s clown world, because they believe women don’t exist, everyone else believes the same thing. And anyone who says otherwise will be silenced! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Nothing promotes a brand/platform like censorship and treating your fans like crap. They’re probably still clueless as to why Sony and Nintendo keep kicking their -Yoink!- up and down the industry.

Honestly: 343i/Waypoint, keep doing it, more people need to see who Microsoft/343 really are. Nothing more fun than watching woke companies fail miserably. :wink:


Lessons are clearly not being learned today.