Cease Fire please

Honestly, I wish that 343 would let us use the ‘guns down’ command on xbox live, even if it is only in custom games. That’d save us plenty of time and money on Machinima making, as we wouldn’t need 2-3 xboxes to record properly.

Nobody replied to this, so I guess I will.

I completely agree. It’s utterly stupid why it’s not available on Xbox Live. There is absolutley no way at it could be exploited for anything. If it’s a matter of thinking that people will runs around with their weapons down and it being a way to farm kills, it’s really not; people can do that either way, weapons up or down. At that’s really the only possible issue I could see with it. Hell, they could even make it into a special gametype, that way people couldn’t abuse it over MM.

It’s a bum rap. We can’t use it over Live, and we can’t connect 360’s to VPNs (at least I can’t) so we can connect over a de facto network. Microsoft sees this as a potential way they could loose revenue from Live subscriptions, so if you aren’t connected to Live or at least directly connected to another box, there’s no way to do it.

It’s a shame, because I periodically make machinimas, and when I do, I either have to do it by myself, with four controllers and weapons down (which I prefer, since I’m a stickler for detail) or over Live with our guns stuck in eachothers faces. To me, it ruins a scene when I have two people, arms outstetched, looking like their going to fry eachother with Plasma Pistols. And why isn’t there an easy way to get no weapons?

That’s why I have such respect for Jon CJG/DigitalPh33r. The man uses 4 controllers, does pretty much everything by himself (save the voice acting, which is much better then it was in the early seasons) and STILL is able to make exciting action sequences.

This is going to be one of the main things I want in Halo 4. That, and of course no bloom, no AA’s and upgraded theatre/forge. But I digress.

I find it idiotic how they would not allow that. I really hope the 343 guys enough care about the machinima makers- who make up a chunk of the halo fan base, to make a patch to include said command.