CEA should at least have Reflection and Forgeworld.

Basically CE comes with 6 multiplayer maps. And if you don’t have Reach you’re stuck playing on 6 maps. How long can that last for without getting boring? I know a ton of people that sold Reach and are gonna buy CEA. They are gonna be stuck with playing 6 maps. Can you peeps at 343 at least add Reflection and Foregworld with CEA so my buddies can have more maps? Their are a few really decent Forgworld remakes that you could have at launch for CEA. It would be a good Idea. And CEA kids would be able to participate in things such as Grifball and community playlists. It would just make sense to at least have Forgeworld.

NOTE: This does not really affect me as I have Reach but I’m a little worried that my friends won’t find a lasting appeal of playing on the same 6 maps.

I’m pretty sure CEA ships with every map, including DLC. I’m not 100% on that though, so don’t hold me to it.

It only comes with the 6 maps and the firefight map. I’ve seen it in many interviews and whatnot.

Your friends should just repurchase Reach. They should not have sold it.

Sucks to be them. CEA is pretty much an extension to Reach. Besides, CE:A is going to be $40. $30 if you know where to look. :wink: