CEA OST: Will there ever be a patch?

This is something that has lived in the back of my brain for a while now. The OST in CEA is good, but only if you are listening to the mp3s. In the game, the OST is busted. I recently did a playthrough of CEA with only the remastered music. All other sound was turned off. If you at all enjoy video game soundtracks and appreciate the work that sound departments put in to make the soundtrack part of the experience; try a couple levels out.

The loops don’t work, cues don’t trigger correctly, and some tracks are just missing. It’s weird to me that I never hear anybody talking about this. I get that the visuals have the lion’s share of the criticism, but Halo CE has one of the most iconic soundtracks of video game history and this is what it sounds like.

Anyway, 343, it would be nice to hear some proper remastered loops.


I prefer to make the soundtracks to one or amount of dlc.

There are some glaring issues with the music audio in Halo CEA, The Maw has broken overlapping audio, the letterboxed “Final Run” from Two Betrayals fails to que the music, and I’m sure more that I haven’t noticed. These aren’t just one off’s either, I can reproduce them 100% of the time on different systems.

I’m glad other people are starting to notice, file tickets if you need to.