CE Remake easy but important request

No Aim Smoothing (Aim Acceleration) please.
This is the topic.
The more accurately a game represents your movements, the more submersed and connected you feel to the game.

I am a huge Halo fan and have been ever since I brought an xbox1 and got Halo CE with it. I just loved the feeling of being in complete control. In CE and H2 you seemed to always have an option while in combat and always had a chance to out-shoot your opponent if you were confident enough and skilled enough.

H3 was a let down for me though, that feeling of freedom and control had vanished and I couldn’t explain it, I just felt really awkward in that game and therefor never enjoyed it to the extent I did with the previous two. It wasn’t until I read a forum post about Aim Acceleration that I properly understood why I felt that way, this post can be found here: http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/topic/291139-aim-acceleration/
It fully explains what Aim Acceleration is so I would advise clicking on it if you don’t know what it is.

Halo Reach then came out and I was excited for it, the Beta seemed to have less Aim Acceleration than H3 so hopes were high. But now that I have been playing the game for a few months now, I can see that there is still too much. My aim still feels sluggish and I still don’t get that feeling of freedom and control that I did in the first two games.

Please 343 if you are like bungie and want this in the game, at least give us an option to turn it off in custom games. This single feature will make this game so much better as loyal fans like myself will be able to recreate the classic enjoyment that we once had in previous titles.

Turn your look sensitivity up.

> Turn your look sensitivity up.

This has nothing to do with look sensitivity. I suggest you go to the following website to read up on what I mean:

Thank you for your concern though.

> Turn your look sensitivity up.

Actually to be quite honest aim acceleration seems far less apparent with a 1-3 sensitivity. It sucks that I have to use such slow speed because it feels very idk… sticky with higher speeds. Halo 3 was much worse with this though. So it isn’t tooooo bad.

I fully support the inclusion of aim assist on/off.

IMO Bungie has put an amazing amount of customization into there Halo games but unfortunately they’ve taken it upon themselves to not include certain customizational aspect that the community has been very vocal about desiring. Aim Smoothing, Individual Damage Modifiers, and strafe acceleration being at the top of the list. Hopefully 343 decides to fully empower there community.

Agreed. It sucks to have aim acceleration cause you to not be able to aim smoothly.

For those who don’t know, aim acceleration is something that makes it to where your reticule speeds up as you turn it. This makes it to where twitch shotting is impossible. It is a mechanic included to limit players with more experience and help those with less experience. Aim acceleration should either A) be not included, which isn’t likely at this point with two halo games featuring it in recent times, or B) be made into an option just like sensitivity.

I agree. I never did get to play H2 on live, but I did get to have splitscreen customs with my friends when we’d party. It was much more fun than H3. I wish I would have had Highspeed back then to play it. But I would like to see the option on/off for the aim acceleration. Would be a great addition to the next upcoming halo series.

That’s some interesting intel that you’ve brought to our attention here. Thanks! This should definitely be rectified for the next Halo game. If players have difficulty moving their crosshair, they should change their look sensitivity, aim-assistance should not be incorporated for everyone instead - in order to help them.

Or as others have said, an on/off toggle in each player’s game controls settings would be good for everyone!

Is it aim acceleration or the fact that you’re playing on an LCD now, instead of on a tube tv…

It’s aim acceleration and I’m for the option to atleast have on/off.

i agree, the older generation games like halo ce and halo 2 are much better to aim with. the gradual acceleration of halo 3’s reticle really brought down its credibility in mine and many other peoples books. i think bungie thinks that the majority of the fans wont notice the small things like no bleed through, aim smoothing and the poor bloom mechanics in reach, but i have spoken to many casual players and 99% of them bring it up before i even mention it.

i support this thread

also i have played ce on tube and lcd and although there is minimal input lag on lcd tv it doesnt compare to aim acceleration from playing halo 3 (tube and lcd are pretty much as bad as eachother)

This has nothing to do with what screen you are playing on, you can test it yourself;

Get H2 and H3, set up your 360 on a CRT or small LCD to minimize input lag. The important thing here is to use the same screen for both games.

Jump into a game on H2, and just practice aiming in game. Just aim side to side quickly and do ogre circles etc, try some aiming practice like aiming at 3 different points and moving between them as fast as possible from varying distances.

Then jump into a game on H3 and do the same thing, make sure your sensitivity is the same or feels the same. You should notice that aiming side to side quickly kinda changes speed a lot more, it isn’t as precise. You should notice that ogre circle just feel different, your first few won’t look exactly like the ones you did in H2. You should notice that aiming at 3 different points as fast as possible is a lot harder for some reason, specially at fast speeds at distance, also that your reticule just seems to move smoother than when in H2, in H2 it seemed to be a lot more ‘jittery’ or ‘stop, starty’.

These are all the result of the present aim smoothing in H3. Reach does have a smaller amount than H3, but it is still very much noticeable. I don’t understand why it needs to be added at all, HCE and H2 were absolutely fine without this so why add something that just makes the game feel more awkward. I made this thread as a way to try and influence the developers to avoid adding any level of aim smoothing to the next game, weather it be a CE remake or not.

Yeah I’ve noticed this too, CE and H2 were much more responsive. Please 343i have it like those games don’t make it slugish.

I hope they don’t make a halo CE leave that with BUNGIE. Its their game and already made make something else…

+1 to the OP

I thought I had a bad controller or something. I could not figure out why it suddenly speeds up when I turn. I did not think someone would actually program something this stupid into a game. I want to play the game, not have the game play me.

Yes exactly, its almost like an insult to all people that play Halo. “You can’t aim very well and you make lots of mistakes, so we will smooth your movements out to make you aim better”

I don’t know if the CE remake rumor is true, but I am fairly sure that 343i is working on a new Halo game and whatever it is, please give us an option to turn aim smoothing off. You let us change our look sensitivity so why not let us change this? It’s not exactly cheating, it’s just preference.