CE Maps in canon?

So mainly I just want to know if the CE multiplayer maps fall under canon. One map is described as a Spartan Clone Training Complex, and if thats canon it creates alot of interesting questions.

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OoOHh! You’re right. I wonder if Halo Reach’s anniversary map pack adds onto the vague descriptions of some of CE’s maps.

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It was confirmed back then that CE and Halo 2 locations are canon. The purpose of this was due to the novels which came out surrounding the games (First Strike, in particular, is a FANTASTIC read still to this day).

Little off-topic here, but I used to pretend Boarding Action was the second level of Halo CE & I had to board the enemy ship to stop the Pillar of Autumn from being destroyed (^◕.◕^)


Woah, cool! I still need to read First Strike. It’s next on my list.