CE Anniversary - will it have complete Reach multiplayer? (like ODST had Halo 3 MP)

I heard there will be 7 new maps for Reach, but will it have the full Reach MP or will you just be able to download 7 maps for Reach for free? I sold my copy of Reach, I want to get back into the MP and CE Anniversary would be the best way.

I thought about buying Reach again, but then I would need to get all the map packs and stuff.

No only the 7 maps. If you want the current Reach maps you have to have Reach.

Halo ANN Q and A: Link

Well that sucks, but at least you don’t need Reach (everything on one disc)… maybe I’ll still get CE Anniversary.

Hey at least you can still access the new maps and I believe when you do, it’ll have the classic feel of the other Halos from 343i doing the Title Update and all. At least it will be a little more enjoyable if you are interested in that thing.