CE Anniversary terminal unlocks broken?

So I’ve finally gotten around to going back and playing anniversary (great game by the way) and have found all the terminals.

When I sign in to waypoint the achievement for finding them is showing up as unlocked in career but when I go to classified to try to enter the codes it’s saying they’re all locked and I still need to find them in game.

I’ve tried signing out and re-loading the game but that didn’t make any difference. :frowning:

Anyone got any ideas?


As of today I’ve lost all of my waypoint career progress as well. I was at milestone 50 I think and now it’s showing zero and not listing any of my achievements as unlocked.

This is both on this website and the Xbox app.

As no one official seems to look at these (or just this?) threads can someone please point me in the right direction to report these bugs?


try this: https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst189844_How-do-I-get-medals---Someone-help-meeeee.aspx Tell your friends about it too. Some of the monitors kind of regularly check up on it. You could also ask the monitors or the Little Moa where you can get help from someone else official. I hope that helped!