CDG: Rampart

This is going to be my entry for the contest on Forgemaps.
Using the spire, the bases will be on 4 sides with walkways between them and to the spire. There will be a kill ball launcher on each base. The kill ball launches into the center of the spire and rolls across killing anything in it’s path.
Then your fate will be a coin toss of the guardians should you fall off of the map. Underneath the map is a giant teleporter than encompasses the entire bottom of the map. This teleporter comes out in dead center of the top of the map. The walls around the exit keep you in the middle so you don’t fall forever. Much testing was required here. Well in the dish in the center of the map, I have a one way door placed upside down. So if our velocity isn’t too great when you fall, you will live to land in the middle, provided you don’t get hit by a kill ball being launched. If your velocity isn’t what it needs to be to survive… well I suppose bodies will eventually stack up in the middle of the map.

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Video of the Teleporter Trick: