Tired of jumping from spartan company to spartan company never really satisfied with the objectives in mind? Tired of constantly being in a company and always playing alone. Well then you might want to hear this! Here in Capture Core Gaming we are more than just a Spartan Company we are an entire community dedicated to doing what we love (playing) but doing it together. There will be countless events hosted by CCG. Tournaments, community nights, giveaways, machinimas and many more. CCG goes past halo. CCG is a full pledged community of about 300 members and growing. We cover all kinds of games. Halo, TitanFall, CoD, etc. We are currently looking for ranked supervisor staff members for the spartan company and non ranked as well. We offer a variety of different jobs. If your interested please feel free to message me directly with any comments, questions, or concers you may have. My gt is RuthlessAaron94 and Mythical BK
Thank you!