Cavalcade - An original 8-16 player CTF map!

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Since I am not an active member on the Waypoint forums, I cannot create direct links–so if you’re interested in checking out this map, you’ll need to copy and paste the links above into your address bar. Maybe an awesome forum user could provide direct links in a response below.

More information can be found at Forgehub via the following url:
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Here is the description that appears with the map on forge websites:

> Cavalcade is a symmetrical arena map designed around the core Capture the Flag gametype. My goal with this map was to create a variety of different areas and elevations that could accommodate 3 separate power weapons. This map is completely original to Halo 5, taking a little inspiration from some of the best CTF maps found in previous installments. I wanted to make sure the map would be playable with more than just eight players, and that’s something you’ll notice right away when playing. The sweet spot is definitely 5v5, but I highly recommend going past that at least once if you can. Since Cavalcade is easily the size of The Pit from Halo 3, it can support up to sixteen players without any noticeable issues.
> The map itself forces players towards certain areas while making some areas riskier than others. I accomplished this by having the bases branch outwards away from the central courtyard, sending players safely to either the Sniper Rifle at “Top Yellow” or the SAW in “The Pit”. The Sniper Rifle is often rushed by opposing teams to quickly eliminate any enemies attempting to reach the SPNKr Rocket Launcher at “Top Middle”. Although traversing bottom middle can prove deadly due to the lack of cover, it is unquestionably the fastest route to run the flag. You’ll have no problem sneaking right through their front door if you manage to snag the nearby active camo—just make sure to have your teammates open your door on the way back with the flag. “Top Middle” has a similarly unsafe appearance, but dominating that area with long range weapons from your team’s nest is crucial to maintaining map control.

If you would like to DOWNLOAD Cavalcade, simply add RPAL as a friend on Xbox Live. From there you can access my bookmarks from the friends roster to find the most up-to-date version of the map.

Thanks for checking out Cavalcade!

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