Caught some cheaters on film

Hello, fairly simple one here. Got a whole team of guys working together to cheat in Oddball. Seems they found a way to get in a wall on Complex. I joined this game in progress, so I got lucky that one of them dropped the ball and they had to run it back there. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s any way for me to link to the video in my file share (or the game stats) now, so you official types can find it in there. The offenders were:

KB Cavalry
Tacticool Lion
and LVS Just1ce

It was extremely obvious they were working together, as they had a whole system of throwing the oddball to whoever was closest to the glitched area. Thanks for taking care of these losers.

Kids who cheat for SR rank really amaze me. What is the point…

There are a lot of glitchy areas like that on almost every map.
And you shouldn’t post their GT’s here…
It’s 343i’s fault that they didn’t check all their maps good enough.

they want to get to 50