Caught some cheaters in Warzone.

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I’m writing this out, not necessarily to complain, but more to shed some light and expose some cheaters.
I found myself in a game of standard Warzone last evening on Stormbreak. The match was just startin, we captured home base, then the armory, and we were off to take out Lochogos. I died, and in the respawn screen I see a Warthog rolling into our base, so I get on the mic and hope someone on my team can hear me. I make the callout, I spawn, I run to the base, and start shooting. There was only one Spartan in there, yet, said 2 enemies remain. Our entire team searches the whole place, and I walk up to the upper level, just to see a strangely parked Warthog. Yep. This -Yoink- glited into the armory wall, so we can’t kill him. So, we are left with a dillema. We keep one person in our base at all times, and hope they don’t push, or we let them capture it.
This was a no-brainer decision, except, this player was on a full party of 12 and that was their plan the whole time. They skipped the fortress and pushed our armory, knowing he was going to get the capture. It worked, they captured it, and then went back for the fortress, while the rest of their team sat outside our home base, kill farming us.
I sent a message to the highest level player on their team, asking if they were all in a party or not. I was invited to their party and their game, just to hear them asking if we should farm the next team. My response was something along the lines of “shut the -Yoink- up.” This was followed by mocking for me asking why they had a player glitch, and why they were farming.
I promptly left their game, ad party, just to receive a message from one of my teammates from the original game (the one where he glitched), saying he went back in and watched to find out just who it was.
So I reported them promptly, just to be harassed by the Spartan I asked originally about it. After giving a warning about being reported, and saying it needs to stop, the harassment continued by him talking about how he “out br’d me so many times,” and I “need to shut up before he smacks me around in a 1v1.”
Well -Yoink-, the pen is mightier than the sword.
Here is the two names of them that I can remember;
Make sure you go to <mark>REDACTED</mark>'s profile and check our his game DVR for all the proof I need, and if you feel necessary, report him accordingly.

You may want to remove the names.

Just added him as a friend. In case I play against him in Warzone he gets instant Feedback for cheating.
Thanks ChudlyDoobRight.

No see what you should have done was gotten video evidence and then reported EVERY person in that party. Xbox code of conduct say that even if you are playing with someone who is knowingly using mods and or other exploits they are also liable. That’s what you should have done along with the mention on the forums. Next time just report away…